Vidya Balan turns bold and truthful in demanding justice against sexual harassment

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The whole Harvey Weinstein scandal of Hollywood has opened up an entirely new chapter in the book of sexual harassment worldwide. Not only are more predators being exposed to the outside world for condemnation, more and more women are finding that lost courage to voice their experiences.

Vidya Balan, along with entire ‘Tumhari Sulu’ team, including Neha Dhupia and RJ Malishka, was attending the launch of PVR Big Screen PXL in Mumbai. She was quite happy that women from workplaces have started sharing their experiences.

Vidya Balan in saree


To be touched inappropriately is unpleasant and only the one who has felt it would know. Vidya put forth her views along these lines.

She said, “I think people who have suffered this only know what exactly it feels like when you’re really in an uncomfortable situation. When someone just rubs or touches you with his hand, sometimes I get really angry. So I think in that sense, there are a lot of degrees in sexual harassment.”

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Vidya is very much in for rightful condemnation and justice. She added boldly, “I am very glad that people are talking about it now. Women are talking about it and they should talk about it because it is not their fault. We should name and shame those who are sexually harassing others, undoubtedly.”

After Priyanka Chopra, Kalki Koechlin, Irrfan Khan, and a host of other prominent actors, Vidya’s brave and honest words are definitely going to become a source of power and inspiration for people to stand up for truth and justice.

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