Walking Away…

Walking with Thoughts

You were there, you were there with me, moments ago

You were standing there, right there on the threshold of the door

But you aren’t there anymore

Why have you disappeared all of a sudden

You’ve pulled me down from zenith, right onto the floor

And, right at this moment, I just lost my way

And you walked away

Some incomplete talks, a little less important

Studded with truths and a few lighthearted lies

Were frozen there on my lips

I wanted to say it through my eyes

But before I could think of anything to say

You walked away

There were some things which instilled fear

There were numerous sorts of pains I had to bear

Walking alongside you redeemed me from all my sins

It was like waking up from a deep dark dream

Into a sun filled, warm and bright day

But before I could wake up

You walked away

Those quarrels, without concrete reasons,

Fights just like that, in all seasons

Now with whom shall I do that?

I never said it before

But I’ve always kept my emotions at bay

But the moment they erupted out like a volcano

You walked away.

Where in the world have I lost you?

Amidst the gloomy mists

I had gripped you tightly in my fist

To me, you happen to be the sun’s ray

But before I could feel your warmth

You walked away

And then I guess, you spelled a magic wand

You started flowing out of my hand

Like an overflowing river of sand

I came running towards you and lost my way

And then I got stranded within the blanket of mist

And you walked away………..

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