5 ways to communicate to your partner that you need more fun sex

Stotropama Mukherjee
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Spice up your sex life

There comes a time in your life when the old ‘in-out, in-out’ doesn’t cut it for you anymore. Never let monotony set in your sex life. Sex is a big part of self realisation and self evaluation. So you need to reinvent and refurbish your sex life from time to time. Sex should never become a duty or a performance; it should be fun and spontaneous. So add some spice into your life and pave your way to a tantalising sensation that leaves a lasting smile on your face.

1. Plan a trip

If you are doubtful about something exotic and still want a change, suggest your partner to take a trip with you. A quick hook up after a day’s work or a weekend lay may become routine for both of you. The same room, the same bed, the same expectations might create an ennui that would make you loath your commitment than look forward to it. A change of space is something that will create an expectation for new things. Suggesting taking a trip, just the two of you will let your partner know that you want a change.

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2. Dress up

When was the last time you brought a lingerie just to impress your partner? Or when did you last visit the gym to work on your curves? When you let yourself go, the interest in you may also ebb away. Desire works in mysterious ways. If you show that you made an effort, it’s bound to draw your partner’s attention. So go for some lingerie shopping, spend some time in a beauty salon or the gym, look and feel beautiful. The next time you two are together, your partner will feel special for all the effort you have put in to impress him or her. And then you can expect the unexpected.

3. Sex Toys

Gift your partner a sex toy or introduce one on your next rendezvous. When it comes to adding spice to your sex life, sex toys can take a lot of pressure off the routine. Scheduled sex can turn into an unpredictable sexual experience with the introduction of sex toys. An occasional vibrator can help in inducing multiple orgasms or a simple cock ring can prolong the encounter of penetration. If you want things even simpler than that, try the flavoured condoms or edible panties; but whatever you do, don’t get bored or boring.

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4. Kinky collective

Find out from your partner if he or she is into kinky stuff. You may be surprised by what you find. It is always true that ‘everybody is looking for something.’ Maybe your partner likes being bound or whipped occasionally. Maybe she wants to dominate or he wants to submit. Once you open that Pandora’s Box even sky is not the limit. But there is always the risk of being carried away. So before you enter the world of sexual exploits make sure you both decide on a safe word to pull out if things go out of hand.

5. Fantasy role play

Did your boyfriend always fantasise about Supergirl? Did your girlfriend have a thing for Wolverine? Then fantasy role play is perfect for you. Buy the costume and put on the makeup. Travel beyond time to the land of fantasy. Put on those body suits and become Princess Leia to his Han Solo or Capt. Kirk to his Spock and embark on an adventure where space is the final frontier. You can also go for the more obvious ones like the sexy nurse and the hot doctor or a student and the professor set up. When it is between two consenting adults you can be anything you want.

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