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5 ways to prevent and fight body odour in a hot country like India

Summertime is here. And with it, comes the sweat. Here are some ways to prevent and fight body odour this summer.

Living in a tropical country is a menace in summer. Even if you perpetually spend your days in an air conditioned room, travel in a car and work in a freezing room. Because the time taken to step out of the car to the building’s elevator will leave you sweating nevertheless. The famous Uff, kee gorom is a recurrent emotion all Bengalis emote with. And this term has its use in the summer time with the humidity of a tropical nation.

So, how do we survive the skin-melting heat in India? Covering oneself up to protect from the UV, reapplying enough sunscreen throughout the day, drinking enough water. These steps will ensure you don’t collapse on the road, dehydrated AF.
Summer is here and summer cannot take away our love for white shirts and give us body odour in return. If you are one of the fortunate to not be fortunate enough to have air conditioned travel everywhere you go, this one is for you.

1. Say no to spicy food

As Indians, nothing gives us more pleasure than aur-thikha panipuris and uber spicy Murg Masala. But the main component of these spicy dishes is capsaicin. This particular chemical sends signals to the brain that the body is over-heating and what’s the way to cool the body down? Sweating. The more spicy dishes you eat, the sweatier you are going to get, which means body odour is bound to happen.

2. Detox it, baby

What causes sweat? It is your body’s biological process to keep the body cool. Spraying deodorants will make you smell fine but not enough. Educate yourself on the kind of food you can eat. Detoxification will clean out body internally, so we don’t sweat out hearts out. For detoxification, drinking water (3-4 litres per day) is the very basic step. Cutting down on oily food, junk food, hot sauce stuff, alcohol and cigarettes will be of great help. Including green vegetables or fibre foods will greatly impact the detoxification process in a good way.

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3. Cotton, cotton and nothing but cotton

Summer means letting your skin breathe. Wearing silk, polyester or acrylic means the sweat simply sticks on your body and leaves a foul odour. Light cotton threads or moisture-wicking fabrics are preferable. Also, clothes that are light coloured should be worn.

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4. Underarm patches

Anything is possible now. If you are afraid to wear light coloured clothes because it will show armpit stains, these underarm patches are pure gems. Garment shield patches need to be stuck on the armpit, on the inside area of the garment. This is quite an invention as it helps us stay fresh and dry throughout the day. This can be easily purchased through online shopping.

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5. Hold the salt

More salt means more sodium for the body to be removed by sweating, which means more sweat, which means more body odour. Pause the intake of salt, at least during the day to slow down the sweating.

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6. Lemon is a great help

Applying lemon on the armpits helps the body to fight sweat. This can be done before going to bed. It leaves a nice citrus-y smell as well.

7. Cut down the coffee

Coffee might be your bae. Coffee is love, your moon and stars and the blood of your blood. But coffee is too hot for us to handle during the summer. You might belong to the group of people who cannot wake up until you have had your coffee but coffee stimulates the central nervous system, reminding the body to sweat everything out. In simple words, coffee makes us sweat more, thereby increasing the body odour. If you cannot live without it, stick to cold coffee or decaf.

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8. Take showers

This is a known method to control body odour. Water cools everything down. Taking showers three times a day can significantly reduce the sweating, will leave you fresh. Also, using tea tree oil, lemon and exfoliating the body once a day will reduce the sweat considerably and leave you fresh.

Pro tip: Meditating once a day helps too. Calms the mind and calms the body too.

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  1. Of course, we all have to suffer a lot pertaining to summer and body odour, It is such an additional mess in the life. But yes, detoxifying always helps. I will try others too. They look logical. It can be called a help. 🙂

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