5 Ways To Prevent And Stop Body Odor In A Hot Country Like India

How to stop body odor

How to stop body odor in a tropical country where summer is a menace. Even if you perpetually spend your days in an air-conditioned room, travel in a car or work in a temperature-controlled environment, the time you take to step out of the car and into a building is enough to leave you sweating. Not to mention, the dreaded power cuts or moments spent in the kitchen.

There are endless scenarios where the dreaded tropical heat gets to you, leaving you feeling as if those sweat trails are a result of your body melting away. The famous Uff, kee gorom is a recurrent emotion all Bengalis emote with.

So, how do we survive the skin-melting heat in India? Covering oneself up to stay protected from the harmful UV rays, reapplying enough sunscreen throughout the day, drinking enough water is all very well but what do you do about the sweat glands that seem to stay in overdrive for about half the year.

Summer is here and you already know what that means – long days of sweat and body odor. Ugh! Well, we have good news for you. While you may not be able to do much about sweating, you definitely don’t have to put up with body odor. We’re here to tell you how to prevent body odor and reclaim your sense of confidence this summer.

How To Stop Body Odor: Know The Causes and Remedies

To understand how to stop body odor, you need to know why that smell originates in the first place. Body odor is the result of bacteria on your skin reacting with your body’s oil and sweat. During hot days, the process gets accelerated, and the smell becomes more pronounced.

What you need are some natural remedies for body odor, so that you can step out on a summer day without feeling insecure or having to constantly check your pits. Here are some well-researched tips on how to stop body odor:

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1. Say no to spicy food

Nothing gives us Indians more pleasure than aur-thikha panipuris and uber spicy Murg Masala. But the main component of these spicy dishes is capsaicin. This particular chemical sends signals to the brain that the body is overheating. And what’s the way to cool the body down? Sweating.

The more spicy food you consume, the sweatier you are going to get. This inevitably leads to more body odor. If you’re really looking at how to cure body odor permanently, you need to cut back on your spice intake.

2. Detox it, baby

How to eliminate body odor internally? Detox.

The toxin buildup in the body can also increase the bacteria growth on the skin surface. Spraying deodorants can help mask the problem for a while but it is not a permanent solution. The key is to know how to eliminate body odor internally. For that, it’s imperative to watch what you consume and detoxify from time to time.

For detoxification, staying hydrated and drinking ample amounts of water (6-8 glasses per day) is the very basic step. Cutting down on oily food, junk food, hot sauce stuff, alcohol and cigarettes will also be of great help. Including green vegetables or fiber-rich foods in your diet can also greatly improve the body’s natural detoxification process.

Ways to prevent body odour
Detox is the best way to eliminate body odor

3. Cotton, cotton and nothing but cotton

Summer means letting your skin breathe. Wearing silk, polyester or acrylic means the sweat simply sticks on your body and leaves a foul odor. Light cotton threads or moisture-wicking fabrics are a far better alternative. Also, light-colored clothes can help keep your body cool and minimize sweating. At home, wear comfortable clothes.

4. Underarm patches

If you are afraid to wear light-colored clothes because of the unsightly sweat-stained armpits, these underarm patches can be a life-changing hack for you. Garment shield patches need to be stuck on the armpit, on the inside area of the garment.

This is quite an invention and one of the best tools for stopping body odor, as they help you stay fresh and dry throughout the day. This can be easily purchased online.

How to fight body odour
Underarm patches can be easily purchased online

5. Go easy on the salt

More salt means more sodium for the body to be removed by sweating, which means more sweat, which means more body odor. Go easy on your salt intake, at least during the day to slow down the sweating.

If you look up ‘how to get rid of bad body odor’, this is the first tip you will see. Do your research and make a new diet plan that involves minimal salt.

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6. Lemon is a great help

Applying lemon on the armpits helps reduce sweating. And it gives you a nice, refreshing citrusy smell as well. This can be done before going to bed. Natural remedies for body odor almost always involve lemon. Including it in your diet can also help.

7. Cut down the coffee

Coffee might be bae, you first love, your moon and stars, the blood of your blood. But coffee is too hot for the body to handle during the summer. You need to reassess your priorities.

You might be someone who cannot wake up until you smell the coffee but if you want to know how to stop body odor, trust us, and give up – or at least cutback – on this source of caffeine. Coffee stimulates the central nervous system, reminding the body to sweat everything out.

In simple words, coffee makes us sweat more, thereby increasing the body odor. If you cannot live without it, stick to cold coffee or decaf.

8. Take showers

How to stop body odor

This is a known method on how to reduce body odor. A nice, cold shower helps your body cool down. Showering twice or three times a day can significantly reduce sweating, leaving you refreshed and energized. Also, using tea tree oil and lemon and exfoliating the body once a day will reduce the sweat considerably and leave you fresh.

Pro tip: Meditating once a day helps too. Calms the mind and body too.

Try to remain in air-conditioned environments, and only step out when you absolutely need to. This season is notorious for sweaty skin, so make sure to try all the remedies mentioned above to get rid of bad body odor. Stay safe, and stay indoors!


1. What causes body odor even after bathing?

It is the bacteria on your skin reacting to natural oils and sweat. Hormonal changes and even certain conditions such as diabetes and liver diseases also cause bad body odor.

2. How do you stop body odor naturally?

Apply some lemon to your armpits to get rid of bad body odor. Make some changes to your diet like cutting down on coffee and salt.

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