5 ways your dog reacts to you doing it

couple in bed with dog

Your pet’s reactions when he/she finds you in the middle of the act

Even if you would like to pretend you are above protecting your dog’s innocence, we know everyone has at least scarred their dogs once in their life. Don’t be ashamed, we have all been there. Dogs are always there but so is spontaneity. All pet owners know that this spontaneity is mutual, given that dogs will hump anyone or anything around them. However, humans and dogs do it differently contrary to the popular ‘doggy style’. Each dog responds in its own unique way, but we can narrow down some similarities between them!

Read below for relatable dog reactions.

1. The guardian angel

Barks and growls very, very loudly because to him it looks like someone is attacking his favourite human in the whole world. NOT ON HIS WATCH!

2. Rightfully theirs

The dog could feel territorial and feel that s/he is the sole owner of your body. In this scenario, expect to find your dog sitting by your head making direct eye contact. S/he is not be messed with. Paws off his property or else…

3. Who is a jealous boy?!

The dog gets jealous, very jealous. Things could end very badly for your sexual partner. We all know dogs are not above pettiness. Your partner might just have made a very deadly nemesis.

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4. I need attention! And I need it NOW!

Your dog could get attention seeking if s/he feels s/he is not at the centre of it. This may result in the dog pawing you and jumping on you until you take a break from your “cardio” to pet him and call him a good boy/girl. He must be reminded s/he is still your BAE.

5. The betrayed

If your dog is in the middle of his slumber dreaming of his long walks with you, the slightest grunt or moan could wake him up and things might take a bad turn. You will have a lot to answer for. He will wonder, if you have the energy to procreate why not take him for a walk instead?!

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