We are a habit

We are a habit

And really, could it have been any other way?

From the first moment

I chanced upon you

And you noticed me…

From the first peek at what you thought

Of books, spirituality, meditation, happiness and purpose…

And the way you knew I

Read, meditated, argued, deliberated

From the first brush of your soul on mine

Through your songs…

Kabhi kabhi mere dil main…

And in me you got your eternal shaagird

And then our clocks would sync

To be free and busy at the same time as if someone was pulling some strings

Whether tiny tea breaks, or those slightly longish lunch ones

And late night conversations on a relatively free next day!

We are a habit

And in what we are not

Very soon we will

For I want to know your world as you do

And make you a part of mine as me

We are a habit

There really is no choice there



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