We have a loveless, sexless marriage

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Q: We are in a loveless sexless marriage from a year, since the beginning of our marriage. What should I do? My husband is not ready to live a normal life nor respond to my queries. He considers street dogs and cats as his family and is very stubborn. He doesn’t open up, doesn’t communicate with me or anyone openly. He is living a youngster life although he is 40 now, and wants me to do the same. I feel he needs counselling but he’s not ready to go for it. Even I feel I need counselling now. I feel lifeless and have totally given up on life. What should I do? I have tried to talk to him and his family several times on a positive polite note. There is no one to tell him right and wrong. Please help me.

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A: You seem to be going through a really bad marriage and tough personal life. Considering that you have considered all your avenues to bring him to help himself, stop, relax and think about the future outcomes of this relationship. It is important for you to see where this relationship is going and what are gains and losses associated with it. You should try to evaluate the pros and cons of this relationship and decide the choice you want to make. You could always seek help for yourself through therapy, which might help you make a sound decision.


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