We relocated to India and in-laws are affecting our marriage

Couple Arguing

Q: I’ve been married for 11 years with 2 lovely children aged 9 and 5. It’s been close to 1.5 years since we relocated to India after staying in the US for a decade. My husband is a typical mama’s boy and my MIL is a control freak wanting to control everything. They stay in the same apartment complex, one floor above us. After coming to India my husband and I have been having bitter fights to the extent of him hitting me, and he stops talking and communicating for long periods. (The longest period has been 1 month.) Most of the time, my in-laws badmouth me and he doesn’t say anything to them. So I have started answering them back and stopped taking any nonsense from them. This has further added fuel to our arguments. Earlier, we never ever had any fights. He does not communicate with me and I do not feel like discussing or sharing anything with him. Please guide me on how to handle this situation and maintain sanity in our relationship.

A: My heart goes out to you. No argument should ever be so big as to warrant hitting in any relationship. If he hits you, then no matter whose mistake it is, HE IS WRONG. As for the issues with your in-laws, unfortunately this is more common an issue than

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