Dating An Overthinker: 15 Tips To Make It 

 Hear them out. Validate your partner's feelings.

Don’t generalize or mock their overthinking.

Dig up the source of their present anxiety instead of getting annoyed.

Remind them gently that emotions and feelings are not necessarily facts

Always be clear with your intent and communication. Don't let them assume things. 

Never send messages like “we need to talk” without context

Learn more about their past

Redirect them gently and break down the problem into manageable parts.

 Stay calm.

Help them with self-soothing techniques.

Say “we can do this” instead of “don’t think like that”.

It’s draining to overthink, so take care of them.

To comfort an overthinker, you’ll need to be patient.

Remind them of their worth when they think they're not good enough.

When their overthinking is a boon, thank them. Sometimes it helps. 

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