How To Be A Better Lover – 11 Pro Tips By A Sex Therapist

Complete your sentences. Clearly express needs. Caring communication. 

Use the 3 Cs of communication

Pleasure is a two-way street. 

 Find a middle path to make sure both partners’ needs are met

 Make it clear if something is unacceptable. 

Establish the non-negotiables

So instead of saying, “You always run away after sex”, try saying, “I would like for you to cuddle after sex”

 Use the “I” instead of “you” language

 Do what you and your partner are in the mood for. 

Orgasm is not the end goal

The journey to figuring out how to be a better lover in bed begins outside the bedroom

Deepen your connection with your partner

Indulge in elaborate foreplay as often as possible

Slow down and enjoy your partner

This will keep things fun and interesting. 

Try new and different positions in bed

There are more areas to explore than you think (Hint: earlobes and necks).

 Explore your and your partner’s erogenous zones

Try dressing up or blindfolding and teasing your partner. 

Surprise them with new elements

Don't undervalue the effect of a body massage with candles and soft music.

Savor each part of intimacy in the bedroom

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