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If you’ve gotten engaged lately and you’re finally thinking of tying the knot with your prince charming, or if you’re ready to get hitched soon, you need the best wedding plan possible. The tips for planning a wedding go from the intricate to the obvious, and we’re sparing no details. Whether the ceremony is in your backyard or a snazzy hotel, planning your wedding day is no joke. 

No wonder so many modern women are termed “bridezillas” because wedding planning truly has no head and no tail. Their attention to detail and obsession with perfection has led the derogatory term to stick to women who just want to create the most beautiful day for themselves and their future spouses. 

However, women who want to truly have a lovely time on their big day are not “bridezillas”. They’re just looking forward to probably the most important day of their lives. And that’s why they need the best wedding plan to do so.

If you want to go all out with your wedding, you might need an expert planner with all the contacts and knowledge. But if you want to hold the reins in your hand and plan your big day, you can do it with a little help from us. We bring you some fabulous wedding planning advice that can help you keep a few things in check.

Tips For Planning A Wedding

Now that you’ve manifested the love of your life, you’re probably excited about meeting your special someone down the aisle and can’t wait to see what that day will be like. As much as you’d like to revel in this day-dreaming and excitement about what you have to do, it’s time to snap out of it now because we have work to do.

To turn that daydream into a reality, you need the right wedding planning ideas. And that’s where we come in. You already know the obvious things that go into putting together a wedding of your dreams –getting a venue, picking the decor, and the food. But these few tips will only help ease that process for you.

Here are a few important pointers for you to keep in mind and pay the most attention to as you go about planning your wedding:

1. Your budget comes first 

As it should. If you’re all about the pomp and show, go right ahead and get those swans. If you’re not, well, then a lovely wedding amidst a natural backdrop does not have to be too expensive. Whatever your style may be, remember to allocate a budget before you get started and also understand the norms around paying for the wedding.

When planning a wedding, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos of it all. Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself amidst a long list of bills when you’re going through stores, making bookings, and finding reservations. But if you keep track of a number in your head, you’ll probably stick to it better and not overspend too much. Overspending a little is only natural, though.

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2. Follow weather predictions 

Getting a venue and sorting out the guest list are not things we need to tell you about and remind you of. It’s probably the first thing that pops into your head when you’re planning a wedding. But one of the wedding tips for brides is to make sure they set a really good date. Getting a facial and your perfect bridal glow can wait, you need to take some time to choose a really good date.

Try not to let it clash with any major holidays, as that might give people a reason to not attend. Moreover, depending on the venue, figure out how important the weather is for you. Wedding in a park? You should know the future weather predictions for the month like the back of your hand. Your Valentino will thank you.

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Make sure it’s a beautiful day out and it’s comfortable for everyone

3. The bridesmaid dresses

If you’re a woman reading this, you know how important bridesmaid dresses are to your best girls. Whether you choose to order them online or go shopping for them in person, try to find a design that will suit the likes and styles of everyone. Let’s be honest, these dresses are never cheap, and you want your bridesmaids to have a gown they can use in the future. 

Yes, it’s your day, but you wouldn’t be here without your best girls always supporting you through everything. So why not get them bridesmaid dresses that they will love? Take their pick and follow their advice on the color, the fit, and the style to make sure that everyone is happy on your special day. 

4. Try to limit your choices 

A seafood bar, a menu with tapas and burritos, and a choice of every type of liquor ever made? It’s tempting to get the biggest menu you can but you’ll need to be a bit more practical in your approach. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love all your ideas, but the more you overdo it, the crazier it might all get. One of the major tips for planning a wedding is to keep it simple with a definite theme and stylized decor. Going overboard and trying to get everything that catches your fancy might make the whole event feel very cluttered. Take our advice and drop the burritos. 

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5. Make the invitation a reflection of you 

A lot of people are now opting for digital invitations, which makes the whole process easier, seamless, and also cost-efficient. Whether you’re old school and want to send a card, along with a gift basket, or just like convenience and want to send an online invitation, you should always make the invitation personal and meaningful – a reflection of yourself.

When looking for wedding planning ideas, also look for invitation ideas, themes, and colors that match you and your future spouse. Make it elegant, do not use too many words, and keep the gift basket limited to tokens you know everyone would appreciate. Simple yet practical gift ideas are always the best.

6. Sign your contracts carefully 

This is extremely essential wedding planning advice, especially when planning a budget wedding. When making reservations for the venue or organizing other things with vendors make sure to actually go through your contracts before you sign anything to ensure you’re not signing up for any hidden costs. 

You may not entirely be on board with any extra charges or cancellation clauses that they may insert. Choose the right vendors, yes, but also scrutinize them well before rushing into anything. 

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7. Focus on entertaining your guests 

Even though it’s your big day, it is still a big party for those invited. The best wedding plan is that which focuses attention on the guests and their needs. Food, cocktails, the anchor, and entertainment are of prime importance. Make multiple trips to the wedding location if you have to, to check how the seats are arranged and whether the musicians will be visible or audible from each part of the room or not.

Tap into some fun wedding planning ideas and organize events, games, and slideshows for them. Truly make them part of the whole experience and keep them engaged. Make it a wedding they’ll never stop talking about when they get home.

With that, this short list of wedding tips for brides and grooms comes to an end. From bridesmaid dresses to picking the best talent for entertaining your guests to ensuring you find a budget you can stick to, we hope we’ve given you something to think about. Don’t fret and let the pre-wedding blues get to you. As difficult as it may seem right now, it’s very doable and you and your partner have got this. Just keep a few simple things in mind and you’ll be good to go!

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