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What about the girls parents after marriage?

Indian Marriage

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As soon as a girl is born both the parents start worrying about her future, whether it’s her education, her safety and most importantly her marriage. They pamper her, give her all the facilities, love her, try to fulfill all her small wishes. Then once she is engaged to someone, the mother makes sure nothing goes wrong between her, her husband and her in-laws.

The day of the wedding comes and with tears in her eyes, the girl leaves her parents home. She thinks she will be loved and appreciated in her new house but things are different.

Now the question is supposing the girl does not have a brother and she is the single child of her parents. Who will take care of them once she leaves? Who will share their loneliness? The guy says you take care of my parents and my home. You seek to even please my relatives and when the girl says I want to go and meet my parents then he has a problem sending her to her home more often.

If the girl wants her parents to stay with her after marriage what will be the situation. I don’t think so her husband would like it.

There are different views and thoughts on the same. I am sharing a link that would give you a glimpse of views of men. Do read from the very beginning and share your views.

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  1. “The mindset is that wife is coming to my home, she should sacrifice and compromise. It is her duty. It is the tradition. It has been like this since ages.”

    Parents also teach girls the same. And girls after marriage foolishly follow the same.

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