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What after the Lift gates opened?

Couple kissing


What had transformed into a love lift for the last 50 seconds finally got down to G level and the heavy gates opened up to much of their exasperation. They had just survived a major showdown and then experienced a beautiful state of trance in the lift journey. Both experiences were extreme. The two rushed out towards the hotel main gates. He called for the valet guy and hurriedly asked him to get his car. Both of them waited restlessly while the car appeared from the basement parking and got stylishly parked upfront. Even in the rush, he didn’t forget being a gentleman and opened the car gate for her ensuring she was comfortably seated. His foot pressed full on the accelerator, and the car raced out of the hotel porch. They were up on the highway in the next two minutes.

Where to now? he asked casually. “Home please!! It’s quite late and we have had enough adventure for a day.” Although she was doused in his company, she felt enough had taken place for tonight. As if ignoring what she just said, he continued talking.” Wow!! The adventure feels worthy if it shall follow with what we just shared up in that lift. I can still feel the reflexes in my body. She blushed and he saw her cheeks flushing from the corner of his eye. He impulsively took a turn towards the right exit instead of the usual left and she shot him a glance! What was that? Where are we going?

The beach. It was breezy and windy. Her hair was flying like a free bird with the car roof down and he could feel her hair on his face while she was trying to tame it down. He felt under her spell. And at this moment he just couldn’t have let go of her. Not for the world. They were driving along the seaside and the chill of the sea breeze had appeared. He parked at a quiet spot and put his head back with a sighful noise. Let’s listen to some music. The Radio was playing a list of romantic songs. The first on the playlist was “Teri meri, meri teri prem kahaani hai mushkil, do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye. The two sat there looking into each other’s eyes, heads on the headrest, as if they were frozen in the moment. The night was theirs. The lyrics were singing their feelings. Nature was calling out for them. The moment the song ended, she suddenly stepped out of the car, with her high heels off and ran like a free spirited girl out towards the ocean. His spell broke only to be engulfed by this new spell as he sat there watching her for a few moments, his eyes following her trail. She looked like an angel in white, flowing with the wind and calling him out to join her. Her long tresses open, her gown wet in the waves and her eyes shining in the moonlight. He walked towards her, taking in every moment one at a time. She was dancing to the sound of the waves when he came from behind and held her close in the warmth of his body. She froze in the moment and shut her eyes. Not a word, not a move. And they stood their embraced with one another, feeling the ocean, the waves and the moonlight celebrating their union.

It then struck her like a thought sent from nowhere. It was all happening too fast. No, she couldn’t let this happen. Love was pure. Love was for two souls. Love for her wasn’t about giving into the heat of the moment. She had to be sure before she committed herself to anyone. She turned around and pushed him back. Please stop. This isn’t meant to be. What isn’t? Me wanting you or you wanting me? He shot back, quite seriously while holding her firmly by the hand. This was his most enchanting moment and here she was feeling unsure. He felt so heartbroken. And in that moment, the firm hands he was holding her with, loosened up, and his fingers let go of her . She was taken aback. Both of them saw the turmoil in each other’s eyes. Hers of uncertainty, his of disappointment. In a low dispassionate tone, he said, it’s getting late. Let me drop you home.


The drive back home was quiet with neither saying a word to each other. He turned down the engine, quietly opening the gate for her and shot her a hopeful glance. There was love, there was a yearning for her and yet there was anger. They both bid each other their byes while he watched her disappear in the building entrance. She could hear his rage when his car engines revved up the one kilometre road to where it finally met the highway.

She went up in an empty lift, opened her apartment door, walked down to her bed where she fell straight down and let her thoughts wander.That Magic they shared!! Would it ever come back? What had she done? The right or the wrong?

If you have missed out on the first adrenaline raising encounter of this couple’s story.

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