What are the reasons for which you would break a relationship – Contest Winners and Entries

break a relationship

1. Prachi Percy Sharma (for the best answer)

Enjoy reading the winning piece of Prachi Percy Sharma here:

I would break off a relation for the following reasons:

1. There is no trust in the relationship- he thinks I have affairs with the men I work with or am friends with.

2. Infidelity: Evolution notwithstanding, I am a stickler for physical fidelity. When I commit to a relationship, it means I won’t even think of straying. I won’t even look at another man or fantasize about it. If you have a roving appetite and one woman is not enough for your needs, then don’t get into relationships.

3. Domination: He tries to tell me what to wear, or eat or read or drink or how to live or what career to follow. Or he’s a sexist who think I should be controlled because I’m a woman.

4. Inequality: The relationship is not equal. He does not share the household burden with me. I’m expected to do everything. His career is important; mine isn’t. He wants to be high flying in his career but I’m supposed to temper my ambition and vilified if I don’t. He refuses to contribute to child-rearing if we decide to have kids or expects me to leave my job. He doesn’t support my ambition but expects me to support it.

5. Spineless: He doesn’t love me enough to defend me when someone insults or hurts me. He won’t stick up for me if it means going against his family.

6. Consent: If he forces himself on me, he’s done for.

7. Violence: I don’t practice physical violence, and neither will I condone it.

8. Narcissism: If he’s a malignant narcissist and a control freak who thinks the world of himself and repreatedly indulges in gaslighting.

2. Imran Ahmed  (for tagging the maximum people)

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