What does one have to do to get multiple orgasms?


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I am curious about multiple orgasms. I keep reading about them. And I had them a few times when I was newlywed, (before childbirth) – so I know that they exist. But my question is how to get them? Did I forget how to do it because of two pregnancies and the obvious lull in that period in our sex life?

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My husband is wonderful, he focuses on foreplay, knows all the right moves. He will help me go to round two but I just can’t go ahead. After the first orgasm, I am done. I know that regardless of what he tries (and many times he tries too for my sake) that I won’t be able to climax again for two days at least. What do I have to do to get back the ability to orgasm more than once? I am 40 years old and happily married for 17 years.

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Dr Sharmila Majumdar says:


Multiple orgasms occur because of practised execution, not out of dumb luck. The chances of achieving multiple orgasms are dependent on the people involved. You need to know how to elicit an orgasm and how to maintain it in order to achieve as many orgasms as possible.

The first rule of achieving multiple orgasms is this: Don’t stop until you’re satisfied
The second rule is this: Don’t push yourself too much or you’ll get hurt
Foreplay is necessary

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*After the first orgasm, don’t lose your momentum
*Stop when you want to, or if your partner’s too tired to go on any longer

A deconditioned body: Achieving multiple orgasms requires you to go through an extreme amount of physical activity. Your body will be subjected to physically intense conditions like friction, pressure and nerve excitation. You need to be well-prepared for this task, and so does your partner. Work on your stamina, breathing and muscle strength, so you can achieve as many orgasms as you want.

Keep the stimulation going even post-orgasm
Keep the stimulation going even post-orgasm

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The next time you’re getting intimate with your partner, try to keep the stimulation going even post-orgasm, and see if you can successfully try for a second, a third or even a tenth orgasm!

All the very best for you.

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