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What happens to Geet and Aditya after the Mauja hi Mauja song? Imtiaz Ali tells fans

There will be a conflict between Geet and Aditya and Imtiaz doesn’t want that
Jab we met

One of our most beloved romantic comedy of all times, Jab We Met, had its tenth anniversary yesterday, on 26th October 2017. The characters of Geet and Aditya are immortalised in our memories and the lyrics of the song are still fresh in our minds.

geet and aditya
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Imtiaz Ali’s most successful film is also the closest to his heart. To commemorate its success, he travelled to his hometown Jamshedpur on train just like the characters!

Imtiaz further shares the story plot he had in his mind about the characters and their relationship in future.

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“There would be a situation (post Mauja Hi Mauja, the film’s last sequence) where Geet will be planning her honeymoon, ferociously and very, very particularly. Aditya will be enjoying very much because Geet has always been the one to do the planning. They will go to certain places and she will have a very strong regiment and all of that… She will be very expressive about how she wants to live her life and the way she wants to do regular things. It would be very good.“

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“But there would be one time, when they would outgrow that, and change and become different because there would be a conflict where she will become too expressive.”

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“Although Aditya will not complain, she will realise on her own that she is overstepping and how it would be for her if Aditya was to behave even for a day the way she behaves with him, how overbearing it would be. That would completely change her and it would bring about a certain maturity in her, which only happiness can give you… She will remain like that (her old self) but (she will learn) that it is possible for that kind of person to not be overbearing. That’s the learning she has to do.”

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When asked if Imtiaz wishes to make a sequel and bring this storyline to life, he said, “I have been asked many times to consider making a sequel to Jab We Met, but I don’t want to because I don’t want Geet to compromise. There will be a conflict between the two and I don’t want Geet to go through that. I want her to retain original nature, her purity.”

Clearly, Geet is Imtiaz’s favourite. Well, ours too. And we too don’t want Geet and Aditya to change. Ever.

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