What I learned from Peter Parker’s love for Mary Jane Watson(from the movie ‘Spiderman'[2002])

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Peter Parker is a nerdy, isolated high school student, who lived in Manhattan. His life was a little short of ordinary, & time was a fair weathered friend. Being nerdy, he was often bullied. He loved his neighbor- Mary Jane Watson, with all his heart & soul, right from his teens. Mary always was friendly with Peter. Peter always dreamed of spending the rest of his life with Mary Jane. Every time he thought about Mary, he was transported into another world. …his life made sense, he didn’t feel left out. …his pain disintegrated, & he felt as if he was walking into a Monet painting….

Peter’s life changed completely, when he was bitten by a mutated spider. He lost his consciousness. On regaining his senses, he finds out he’s no longer near sighted, & also has a muscular physique. To his consternation he also discovers that his reflexes are much quicker. He could now spin webs, climb buildings, & save lives. Peter becomes the local super hero-‘Spider man’. With a crystal clear conscience, Peter helps save lives, & makes the local neighborhood a safe place.

In his official life Peter, lands a job as a free lance photographer, because he can provide good quality pics of ‘Spidey’, to the local newspaper. Mary Jane wanted to be an actress, & also worked as a waitress, in a hotel. Mary Jane’s boy friend was Harry Osborn, Peter’s best friend since high school. After having changed, into this new hunk of a person, Peter still loves Mary Jane with all his life, though she was romantically inclined towards Harry. Harry’s father Norman Osborn, experiments using a performance enhancing chemical & transmogrifies into Green Goblin, a psychopathic fiend.

Spider man saved Mary Jane from his arch enemy the Green Goblin, though he was wounded badly while doing so. Spider man found a VIP pass into Mary Jane’s heart. Once while Mary Jane was gonna get mugged by four thieves, Spider man comes to her rescue again. To rescue Mary, Peter wouldn’t mind fighting four million people, in just one go!! Mary thanks ‘Spidey’ with a kiss, for saving her life. That moment was the best moment in Peter Parker’s life. He often doubted if he’d ever get a chance, to spend ‘a special moment’ with the love of his life!!But here he was kissed by her!! That moment delivered ‘instant cosmic nirvana’ to young Peter Parker…

Mary Jane admits to Peter, that she has feelings for Spider man, who saved her twice already. Harry walks in on this conversation, & thinks that Mary Jane loves Peter. Norman Osborn finds out that Peter Parker is Spider man, by seeing the wounds on Peter Parker’s body, which he himself had inflicted as the Green Goblin . When Harry Osborn, lets his father know that Peter loves Mary Jane, Norman Osborn decides to use Spider man’s weakness, to test him..

The Green Goblin decides to hold Mary Jane & a tram car full of children, hostage over the Queensboro bridge. He was asking Spider man to make a choice. Spider man saves both Mary Jane & the tram filled with children..The Green Goblin eventually gets killed…

Mary Jane confesses to Peter, that she has feelings for him, & they kiss. Peter loves Mary Jane too much, & stifles his love for her, to tell her that he just wants to be friends…

Why Peter’s love for Mary Jane is exemplary….

Peter loved Mary Jane right from his teens, & never for a moment stopped loving her. His love for her was devotional…

Mary Jane was romantically involved with Harry Osborn, but that didn’t stop Peter from loving Mary Jane..

After having changed into a stronger person, Peter could have considered ‘other options’ (girls who were not romantically involved) for his lovelorn heart. But this young man didn’t even think of another girl…

Peter risked his own life to save Mary Jane from the Green goblin, & the four thugs. Peter risked everything for saving Mary Jane, without even thinking twice. Mary Jane’s safety was more important to Peter than his own life….

When the Green Goblin tried to make Spider man choose between a tram filled with children & Mary Jane, Peter moved heaven & earth to save Mary Jane & the children…

Finally when Mary Jane, confessed her love for Peter, the only reason Peter said that he just wanted to be friends, is so that she could have a ‘safer & normal life’..If Peter said ‘Yes’ to Mary at that moment, her future could have been compromised…Peter didn’t want to jeopardize Mary Jane’s future in any possible way…He was a true mensch, & hats off to that….


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