What if the younger man takes advantage of me and leaves me?

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Hello Sir,

I have two questions for you. I’m in love with a man who is seven years younger than me. I want to find out whether he loves me too. How can I find that out? And if he does, should I go ahead, in spite of the age difference? I fear what if he has all the fun and doesn’t marry me later due to family pressure. Please guide me.

Second, I want to be a life and relationship coach and counsellor. But the courses are way too expensive, in lakhs. And it’s an unconventional line. Should I take it up or no?

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Counsellor Sanjeev Trivedi says:

Dear Friend,

You have raised two different queries and both are difficult to answer with the given inputs. I need far more information to confidently tell you what needs to be done so as to succeed with surety. I can give you an overview but if you are really serious about finding out answers, you need to meet or interact directly.

The man being 7 years younger is not the real problem. But if without commitment you give too much too soon, you could be taken for a ride. Chances of the guy backing out are high and therefore you need to hold your cards well.

To be a life coach you need to either have a qualification or a certification course or have a proven track record of helping people.

All the best,
Dr. Sanjeev

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Readers Comments On “What if the younger man takes advantage of me and leaves me?”

  1. Ayesha Brinison

    Against my better judgment, I was in a younger man relationship for approximately 6 years. He messed around with other females and had a baby with one. A few of them met family members that I never. His reason ~ because I don’t do what they do_which was smoke and party. When I found out who they were I also learned it was because I wasn’t ghetto and hood. I live in a house. They were drama-filled project chicks.

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