What is a live-in relationship?

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A live-in relationship is an arrangement of cohabitation between an unmarried couple in which they live together in a long-term relationship that resembles a marriage.

A couple may decide to live in rather than marry for many reasons. Mostly, couples live in to test their compatibility before jumping into a legal union. Sometimes the thought of marriage can be too much for you and your partner. Marriage brings in various social and legal changes, the thought of which might seem overwhelming. But if both of you are serious about your relationship and want to stay together, a live-in relationship is the most logical decision. If marriage is a ‘full-time job’, then living in provides the perfect internship opportunity!

However, couples may also decide to live in for reasons which are more ‘technical’. In many countries, your relationship status in terms of single or married has a direct or indirect impact on your financial situation. Sometimes companies may prefer single employees for certain kinds of high-paying high-involvement jobs. In some countries, the tax structure may be different for single and married people. On top of that, many couples enjoy the financial independence that a live-in relationship brings in, as opposed to marriage where financial decisions are mostly a joint exercise.

There are some countries where couples are forced to live in even if they want to get married. This is true for couples of the same sex living in countries where same-sex marriages are forbidden by law. In some countries, despite the law allowing gay marriage, couples may still shy away from it and settle for a live-in relationship in fear of being looked down upon by the society.

Live in relationship is a concept which is largely prevalent in Western society. Due to rapid globalisation, the concept is slowly gaining momentum and popularity in more conservative countries. In many countries like India, live-in relationships have been declared completely legal and acceptable by the apex courts of law.

Cosmopolitan centres in the country witness an increasing number of people choosing to live in with their partners. However, such relationships are still generally looked down upon by the society. As a result, couples in live-in relationships continue to face hurdles and embarrassment in such countries.


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