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What is love?

                        Once I used to ask

                       What is Love?

                                   When little I felt it in

             Ma’s gentle arms and soulful kisses  ,

                      Pure as snow and soothing  as the breath of spring,

                                        As I grew up ,

                        I saw its play  between siblings and friends,.

                    sweet- hearts and spouses,  parents and children  .

                                        Then  I absorbed life


                           I saw its new face in sacrifice and compassion,

                                      Forgiveness and pure  intentions.

                               As  my consciousness expands

                                             it reflects now

                                in the form of divine grace  ,

                                       infinite and eternal  ,

                                        completing me such that

                                              I ask no more, 

                                               What  is love?


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  1. Some people may associate love with fireworks but for me those are more about lust. Don't get me wrong here because I feel lust is a pure emotion. But love is when after a bad day you crave for that one person to talk to and then sleep on your problems cuddling with that person. When you have a that kind of person in your life you know you are in love. And are they a keeper? That's difficult to say because some people get shocks from their partners even after spending years together*p*

  2. There has been so many books written on love and still its real definition remains a mystery. Only distance brings the purest feelings in human beings. You will not know the worth of a person until you are separated from him/ her. That is the ultimate indicator of love I feel.*p*

  3. Love is very self-ish. One begins to Love first with him/ her self. The moment another person makes you happy and fulfils your selfish desires, you happen to love the other.*p**p*People never 'know' that they are in love. They just either fantasise or imagine that state. Rest is the God's grace.*p*

  4. Hmmm….*p**p*Thats a little scary for me to read. Why should love make ones life more about the other? *p**p*I feel… it should be always about both thinking about each other and about themselves as a unit. *p*

  5. I'd say it's when you feel a sense of surrendering yourself in front of the other. It's no longer about you, but about them. Their happiness, their dreams. Your life becomes more about them than about you*p*

  6. For me it is whenever I see something that moves me or hurts me or makes me happy I want to share it with he person I love…*p*

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