What is Love?

Golden Ring

It was time for their weekly meet-up and Chavvi was super excited. She had to share this with her friends. She raced up to her bike and wore her helmet. As she reached the coffee shop she saw two of her friends were already there. She waved at them and quickened her step. Just as they sat, the last of the member joined in. They all were aware of Chavvi’s excitement. Anu, one of the friends said “Out with it, I can’t handle the suspense.” Chavvi quipped “You know Sameer, from office? He proposed to me yesterday and I said Yes! My parents are fine with it and Sameer said he will talk to his parents this weekend”, she gushed. Everything was moving so quickly, she could hardly believe her luck. “Sameer might have to go onsite for long term, by year end and I want to get married before that. I can’t think of staying apart for so long.” After the initial shock, the usual rounds of congratulations and gossip and giggles continued.

Sameer came from a conservative family while Chavvi came from a more modern background. Her mother had been a working woman and she encouraged and instilled qualities of independence and great self esteem in both her daughters. As her courtship days progressed Chavvi suddenly became aware of Sameer’s possessive attitude. It seemed harmless at first, but later it felt as if he was keeping tabs on where she was every hour. She was expected to dress differently, the once loved look of a formal skirt and top was suddenly ‘too much’ When argued the prompt reply was, she supposedly looked better in Salwar Suits and as it is post wedding she would be expected to wear just that. Chavvi who was known for her quick decisions, started hesitating before taking one. She was suddenly explaining herself more and more.  To what extent should one adjust to fit into a family? Is changing a personality justified for a relationship? More on http://nehatambe.com/love-means/


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