What is more important in couple relationship —money or identity?

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The other day one of my near and dear ones called me. We had not met for long. So I felt elated to hear his voice.He kept on asking me about my day -to day activities and I gave him the agenda of my hectic schedule.

“So you are a perfect housewife .” was his reply.

“Well, do you think I am useless? I don’t have anything to contribute to my family, is it so?.”I retorted.

“No I don’t mean that, but you must do something to keep up your identity so that you won’t feel that you are less important,” he said.

“I recall the days when you used to deliver speeches in our university.You had the talent, eloquence, and everything to create an aura around you. What has happened to that?Have you left everything?” he asked.

“Not that. I preferred to devote more time to my family. That improved our relationship, you see. My partner is happy with what I do for him and I have never thought solely about myself. I always longed for peace and stress-free life and I have got that.What shall I do with my talent and eloquence if I always suffer from different kinds of complexities? “I said.

“But what about your identity?You have the equal right to gear up your talents.Look at the world… It has changed a lot. Those who contribute to the society in any form are judged the best. And if you can earn a huge amount, you would get more and more recognition in the society.” he said.

“Do you think money can buy everything? Even your identity? Does your relationship depend on that only? What is more important in couple relationship–  money or identity? “I said.

“I think both.” he answered.

“My partner wakes up late in the morning. She is with an Ad agency. She comes late at night. I come early. So, I  look after the children and do many household chores when the maid is absent. She supports me and she has a prestigious position in the society too. We balance each other and are happy.” he said.

I felt motivated and wished to revive my dormant hidden talents.

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Readers Comments On “What is more important in couple relationship —money or identity?”

  1. Sukanya Banerjee

    I guess your friend is right. You need an identity too. That will keep us motivated in life. The daily chores keeps everyone happy. But these are small things which will keep you going

  2. @kajariguha
    Short and crisp flow with lucid language but I wish if you could write something more as what steps did you take to come out from your daily routine…..
    Looking forward to reading some more from your kitty.

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