What is the best thing you have learnt from your partner contest winners

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Congratulations to the two winners of our “what is the best thing you have learnt from your partner” Contest!

1) Feli Ann Rodrigues (for best ANSWER)

Enjoy reading the winning piece of Feli Ann Rodrigues here:

I grinned as I sat to answer this as there are some embarrassing things to admit as to what my husband taught me. When people tell me I have changed I smile and thank the one above for the positive impact my husband has on my life.

My husband accepted all my flaws but with love he encouraged and taught me through his ways to:

1) Change my attitude: Being the eldest in the family, I was mostly bossy and self-centered. He taught me not every time I would be right and not everything is about me.

2) Personal looks are important: I used to dress very carelessly, I would just pull out a crumpled dress, wear broken shoes, no accessories etc. Its not that I did not have good attire to compliment myself but I just had this careless fashion sense. My husband is a crisp dresser and in front of him I used to look like his mother, he taught me to wear my hair in a certain manner, picked up clothes that complimented my looks n style and the transformation was wondrous. He taught me that clothes do make up a person.

3) To cook: I was so used to be pampered, never entered the kitchen to assist or lend a hand to cook. When I got married I was lost, my hubby is a good chef and was more than happy to cook for us but he pointed out learning to cook edible food would make me undependable on anyone and I could improvise to woo others with my skill. He started off by teaching me to fry an egg

4) Hygiene n Cleanliness: like I mentioned house chores where not my upper hand. I remember I used to do the house chores like a maid just clean plates on the surface, broom around the furniture. From my hubby I learnt to do a job not for the mere sake of it but with you heart onto it. These applied for all phases of my life.

5) Children are priority: after we became parents till today he teaches me how kids comes before our priorities however tired we are.

6) It’s Okay To Ask. I continue to learn from him that it’s okay to ask people for help. I’ve never been good at that. I was taught to be independent and self-sufficient. I take that to an extreme and tend to try to do everything myself. Well, you can imagine how that goes sometimes.

7) Communication: he taught me in a relationship honest, open conversation and communication is a must to journey through life as partners.

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8) Recognise and achieve something: He has encouraged me to step out of my “shell” and try things and to do things I would never have done otherwise. He’s gotten a lot of push back in the process. But I’m so thankful for it. For example, I love to write, but I had never done it in pre marriage, now that I free lance my writings have gotten recognition and a sense of personal achievement.

2) Shaila Krishnaraj  (for tagging the maximum people)

Congratulations Feli and Shaila for winning gift vouchers worth Rs. 1000 each from Amazon.

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