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What is the best way to break up?

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Unless you are extremely lucky (or unlucky, as the case may be), chances are that you will have more than one romantic relationship in a lifetime. Which means, you will also have to deal with a breakup sometime or the other.

As society is becoming more accepting about relationships, discarding a partner is no longer frowned at. That does not mean breakups don’t hurt, because they do. This is the first step of handling a breakup: acknowledge that it is going to affect you and your life, along with that of your partner.

Are you wondering how to breakup with him/her? The most important thing to remember is to do it in such a way that it hurts him/her the least. Even if it was a casual fling, it could be that your partner is more involved in it than you know. Try to be gentle and kind.

When ending a relationship, there is no alternative for honesty. Whatever is the reason for your breakup, let your partner know. Don’t lie to make the situation easier for you, because that is not fair to your partner. If you are in two minds about your relationship, don’t let anyone give you breakup advice. It’s your life, you should be the one taking decisions.

Breakup messages are best avoided, if you want to go about it in a humane way. Remember, you two have shared a slice of life together, made memories together. The least you can do while ending it is doing so in person. If meeting your partner is impossible, always call instead of ending it with a text.

Breaking up after a long relationship is particularly hard. One of you might have been planning a future together when it all comes crashing down. There is no easy, pain-free way out of this. If your partner is firm in his/her decision, it’s best not to plead with them to reconsider. It might seem like a good idea in the beginning, but it will reduce your self-worth in the long run.

If your calls or messages go unanswered or if you can’t reach him/her through their friends, these are signs that your breakup is final. Accepting the situation is the first step towards repairing your life. Give yourself time to grieve over it. And remember, if one door closes, another will surely open.

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