Break-up & Loss

What is the best way to let go of a dying relationship?

We asked our readers what strategies they have developed to let go of someone or some relationship.
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What do you do to ‘let go’?

Letting go of the heartbreak doesn’t come easy for anyone. But to get it done we develop a few coping mechanisms from time to time. Some of us follow a rational stream of strategies to ‘let go’, while others go all creative. When we asked our FB page readers from their strategies to ‘let go’, they came up with some really innovative answers!

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Arpita Chipkar

By obsessing and talking my heart out about it until I am finally done venting out!

Arpita Chipkar

Shikta roy

Silent withdrawal.

Shikta Roy

Neha Pathak

The rule of 5 by 5. If it won’t matter in 5 years or even 5 months, don’t spend more than 5 minutes thinking over it.

Neha Pathak

Anney Unnikrishnan

Serious heartache needs serious meditation. Take the person in your mind – try to remember every little bit of your interactions, then breathe in as you turn your head from left and breathe out as to turn right. This is a shamanistic practice. I also make it a point to forgive him.

Anney Sam

Snigdha Mishra Relationship Psychotherapist

I don’t have a strategy. But I believe (if it’s about others’ behaviours) that people behave the way they want and it may have nothing to do with me. So it’s futile to mull over it. Also, the past is past and we all are capable of making mistakes. If I don’t like it and feel bad about it, then I should let it go, because I can’t really change it – the very realisation that we can’t change the past and that we are fallible human beings capable of making mistakes helps in letting go.

Snigdha Mishra

What a wonderful set of strategies, girls!

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  1. Just let it die. While it takes me a lot of time to forget, getting involved in things and people i love helps me maintain my calm.

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