What is your idea of a vacation?

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Couple on vacation
Couple on vacation

We all love vacations but our idea of what a vacation is differs. While some of us like sand, beaches and beer, a few others want a spa, sleep and solitude. Some want to spend all their waking hours laughing with friends and family, many others want to escape from them.


Readers Comments On “What is your idea of a vacation?”

  1. Travel makes us more interesting and is an essential ingredient of life well-lived!

    I feel the vacation is to gain lovely experiences, to see and feel the reality of the world, the beauty and the struggles, the people, the landscapes, the wildlife and the list goes on. We actually seek to form long-lasting experiences and memories so that we can say we truly lived to the fullest. Isn’t it?

  2. An ideal vacation in my opinion is the kind of experience which brings out the best in you! Exploring the town/city by walk n an opportunity to interact with the locals to understand the ethnicity, thereby getting to know their lifestyle n not to mention the local cuisine!

  3. My idea of a splendid complete vacation is that of isolation from my usual life and people around me..go to some peaceful new place either solo or with just one best friend or a few friends or my family…..relax and do things unplanned….like…do what you feel like once you’re up in the morning….feel free and walk free those few days…

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