What medicine should I take to be able to sustain myself longer in bed?

I would like my wife to climax with me but I am unable to sustain myself long enough
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Dear Sir,

I can keep pumping for around 3 to 5 minutes after which I climax. Very rarely does my wife have an orgasm together or before me. I would like to sustain myself longer before I come. I am a bit on the overweight side and have no accompanying systemic disorders. I would like to know which medicine to take because I am not in a situation to meet any sexologist, there are none around me. I will have to go 650 kms to Kolkata to meet one.

I know about the techniques required to stimulate a woman to the maximum. I like pleasuring my wife and I do so to the maximum before I penetrate her. I have no inhibitions so I do everything possible during foreplay. Please advise which medicine I should take.

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Dr Paras Shah says:


First, it is not necessary to orgasm together. Sometimes the husband [restrict] climaxes first and sometimes the wife does.

To enhance her sexual pleasure you can continue to invest more time on foreplay, around fifteen minutes. Be gentle. Ask her what she likes and what she doesn’t like. You say you ejaculate within five to six minutes. That’s not bad. Around 75% of women attain orgasm within the first two minutes of penetration.

Such medicines cannot be prescribed by any doctor online. It is both unethical and illegal. What I can suggest to you is to try the following three home remedies to prolong discharge time:

Female on top position: This helps delay male orgasm and discharge. Simultaneously the female gets direct stimulation on the clitoris so she will climax sooner.

Use condoms: Condoms will reduce sensation and so delay ejaculation. It also prevent sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies

Regular intimacy: Try to keep sexual activity at regular intervals. Increased frequency delays ejaculation as well.

Try the above three suggestions. If still there is no respite for you and your partner, you will have to meet a sexologist in person.

All the best!


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