What medicine should I take to be able to sustain myself longer in bed?

I would like my wife to climax with me but I am unable to sustain myself long enough
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Dear Sir,

I can keep pumping for around 3 to 5 minutes after which I climax. Very rarely does my wife have an orgasm together or before me. I would like to sustain myself longer before I come. I am a bit on the overweight side and have no accompanying systemic disorders. I would like to know which medicine to take because I am not in a situation to meet any sexologist, there are none around me. I will have to go 650 kms to Kolkata to meet one.

I know about the techniques required to stimulate a woman to the maximum. I like pleasuring my wife and I do so to the maximum before I penetrate her. I have no inhibitions so I do everything possible during foreplay. Please advise which medicine I should take.

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Dr Paras Shah says:


First, it is not necessary to orgasm together. Sometimes the husband

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