Affair and Cheating

What she says and means is totally different when a woman is having an affair

Here's a man's interpretation of what a married woman means when she's trying to lure a man into an affair
Pretty cheating woman

This is not even scratching the tip of an iceberg. A complex mystery which could never be solved by any man – the woman’s mind.

Many took off to the Himalayas, rather than spend their energies in unraveling the complicated knots of a woman’s thoughts.

However, a lesser mortal (me) takes a shot at it.

1.  “I am surprised that I could think of having an extramarital affair!”


2.  “He doesn’t understand me like you do.”

She means: He thinks there are better investment options than diamond jewellery!

3. “I married under family pressure.”

She means: My boyfriend was a loser. My dad chose my husband as he was well settled.

4. The biggest complaint…

She says: “With you I can be myself.”

She means: For some reason, he doesn’t take me bitching about his mom, in the right spirit.

affair and cheating

5.  “He doesn’t appreciate me a bit!”

She means: He actually thought for like thirty seconds before responding to a simple, ‘do I look fat in pink’?

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6.  “The sex is so mechanical! I just want to be done with it.”

She means: He asks for a blowjob when I ask him to go down on me!

7. “He doesn’t even call to check on me.”

She means: Thank goodness for his trust, else I could not have been here with you!

8.  “I wish we had separated before the kids were born.”

She means: Kids love him. He is a perfect dad!

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9.  “I wish we had met earlier.”

She means: I might have been having this affair with him then![/restrict]

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