What to do when your husband doesn’t help with house chores

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Who does more around the house? This is an argument for ages.

How do you get your partner to do more? Does the list of household chores cause a discussion over Saturday or Sunday morning? There is actually no point in having such talks and making your day morbid. Instead, try a few strategies to get your husband help you with house chores without any hesitation.

1.  Ask your husband

How often do you ask him to help you out? Many women think that their husbands might inevitably make the first move and share the chores. But, ladies you are wrong. Men just don’t work that way. You actually need to be straightforward with your guy and let him know what he needs to do. And who knows, being straightforward might be the key to get your husband do the chores. You can try asking this way: “Baby, I am so overloaded with work. Can you please help me with some of them?

2. Avoid criticism

Avoid any kind of criticism and don’t be judgmental here. Avoid saying “You never do any housework” or “You are so lazy, you just sit and do nothing” and stuff like this. This will only cause your guy to feel ashamed or angered and will not help you at all.

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3. Appreciate his work

If your guy is helping you out, be generous about it. Just because you want a certain errand to be run in a particular way doesn’t mean it is the only right way to do. If your husband does it well, do not forget to appreciate him. Do not worry if he does not keep the utensils at proper place, it’s just because he is not used to do it. Either let him do his way or just don’t ask him to do it at all.

4. Work as a team

Getting your husband to help you with household chores will not be so difficult again if he realizes that this is also a part of what a marriage demands. Doing household work together will also keep your marriage alive. Start with high-fiving each other, be playful, flirt with each other and your husband will love it for sure!

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5. Keep it fun

Trust me, chores are never fun to begin with. But if you work together and have fun, time just flies. So make it a point to play some music and sing along and even the mundane jobs will actually turn out to be quite fun when you have a tune to go along with!

Ladies, try these tricks with your husbands and see how the chores are done. Have some more tips? Please add to the list in the comments section below.

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