What would Chandramukhi and Paro do if they were living in the 21st century!


The other day I caught Sanjay Leela Bansali’s Devdas on TV, a good looking movie about the man who is taken as reference point by generations of Indians for the men in a relationship. When I say reference point I mean Indian men ask at every step of a relationship “What would Devdas Do” and do the exact opposite to survive.

But we hardly ever talk about the female characters of the movie – Paro and Chandramukhi. Interestingly enough, both are tougher than Devdas so they can totally be the reference points for ladies.

Let’s see “what would Paro do” (WWPD) and “what would Chandramukhi do” (WWCD) had they been living in the 21st century when relationships are less about “saat janmon ka saath” and more about a contest to win.

1. If the male partner (MP) has a characteristic that you don’t like

WWPD: Non-stop badgering till MP falls into her mould
WWCD: Couldn’t care less

2. If the anniversary is coming up

WWPD: Prepare for weeks in advance and plan the most thoughtful gifts so that her gift would be far better than MP’s gift to her. And she wins the contest of anniversary gift giving!
WWCD: Gift her whole world yet in her eyes MP wins the contest with his gift of only a notebook.

3. Falling in Love

WWPD: See only one boy and decide to spend the rest of her life with him.
WWCD: Men can be used for mutual benefit but should not be taken seriously till the right one comes along.

4. Nesting

WWPD: Being mistress of a home is the life goal.
WWCD: Being both mistress and provider of her own household.

5. Spontaneity

WWPD: Run away to get married in the middle of the night expecting to live in MP’s heart because apparently we can live literally in each other’s heart. Who wants money!
WWCD: Understand the realities of life and money.

6. Expectations

WWPD: Full commitment from MP
WWCD: Literally zero expectations. Can’t help falling in love with a loser but independent enough to decide to spend the rest of her life alone on her own terms

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Now you decide, “what would you do” (WWYD)!

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