What’s changing: People or Relationships?


Relationships today are just so fragile that it raises a very important point. In this rush of life, we are actually all alone. I see this drastic change among my friends and colleagues almost every day. Such are the instances that it feels we are living in a different world altogether. One of my colleague cribs about her married life, about how she misses her freedom and how much she hates to change her lifestyle according to her husband and new family. Then at times I see this same girl fighting with her husband just because she wants him to “Adjust “according to her. This is something so common that if you just observe the person next to you for some time, there will surely be an instance like this.

“A colleague of mine loves to attend late night parties, encourages his female friends to come along and also lectures about how the time is changing and it’s no big deal. But the same person is seen agitated if his wife expresses the desire to go for a dinner with friends.”

Can a person have such conflicting views? What about “understanding” and “support” being the two most important pillars of any relationship? I think if people realize this, many problems would be solved automatically.

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