What’s Wrong in Black ??

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“Riya are you ready ??”, “almost Maa ” replied Riya to her Mother in law. Riya was getting ready to attend her Mom’s birthday party. She has worn a beautiful golden sari gifted by her mom. She was looking gorgeous in the golden sari with minimal makeup & beautiful hair-do, her face was glowing radiantly with the inner joy showing how internally happy she was by wearing the saree her mom has gifted to her.

Vivek just entered the room and hold her from waist. “What are you doing ?” asked Riya. Nothing, just admiring the girl I have in my life. “You are looking more beautiful today in this saree “, “I Love You Riya “, Vivek whispered in her ears. She blushed & said, “Love you too !! “They were enjoying their special moment when they heard someone coming near to their room. It was Vivek’s mother. She entered the room saying Riya are you ready, help Sweta in getting ready. Riya replied ” Yeah Maa! I am almost done, now going to help her.

When Riya was about to leave the room, “Wait”, her mother in law said. “Yes Maa”, replied Riya.

“What are you trying to proof to the world ?” asked the mother in law. “What happened Maa? Why are you saying like this ?” “Have I did something wrong”, Riya Said.

“What have you wore? Are not you aware that married woman doesn’t wear black ?? How many times how I need to repeat the same thing to you ?? her mother in law said in anger.

“Maa, it’s a Golden saree, I know you don’t like wearing me black that’s why mom has gifted this golden Sari. Even Vivek has complimented me for this saree”. Riya said in a soft voice.

“Don’t you dare to argue with me, Riya !!

“Vivek can’t u make Riya understand to not wear black ?” Vivek mom said to him. (Vivek was silent).

“But Maa, the base color of this sari is golden only a thin layer of black is given in pallu to make it more gorgeous and trendy”, Riya said.

“I don’t want to listen to any excuses or your modern outlooks and style, change this saree now.” Vivek’s mom asked Riya.

“But Maa, mom has given me this sari & I wanted to surprise her by wearing it today. Please understand, I want to wear it today only, Please”, Riya said.

“Riya, we are getting late, change your saree & help Sweta in getting ready,” replied Vivek’s mom . She was not at all interested in hearing her daughter in law’s viewpoint…

“But Maa …..” Riya was about to say when Vivek cut the conversation by saying “Come on Riya, ek saree ki hi to baat hai, change kar lo na yaar(,mom kuch soch k hi na bol rahi hai, mom ko acha lagega ,kyu baat badha rahi ho jao change karo (It’s just a matter of a saree only, mom will feel good ..go and change dear) !!! “.

After hearing this Riya looked at Vivek for a second, she was shocked and at the same time very disappointed by thinking, It was Vivek only, who was giving her compliments a few moments back and now his perception & reaction changed because his mother will be happy if I change the saree. “Strange !! What a world it is ?? ”

Riya didn’t respond back, she took a different saree from the cupboard and changed.

She was feeling guilty inside. She was swimming in a pool of thought forms. So, it was all about hubby’s mother. What about my mother for whom I have worn this saree, to give her surprise, to make her happy.But Alas! no one understood her feelings, not even her life partner.

For Riya, it was not a golden or black saree, for her color doesn’t matter. What matters was the feeling she had attached with this particular sari. For her, it was an essence, a blessing, a gift given to her by her mom but for her family it was black…

Does colour really matter in today’s world? ?? Is color is more important than our feelings ?? When our society will respect the viewpoint of a daughter in law as well ?? Alas ! no one knows the answer !!.

She was traveling in her own thoughts when suddenly she came back to the real world by Sweta’svoice (sister of Vivek).

Sweta came into the room to show her mom how pretty she was looking in the black gown to which Vivek’s mom replied,

” Yeah Sweta, you are looking beautiful, Black suits you.”.

Riya felt broken from inside, her heart was crying hard but she stopped her tears to come into eyes, with a fake smile on her face she attended her mom’s birthday.


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