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When an introvert like me falls in love

He's hampered more by his shyness and introversion than he is by his disability, but he is finding it difficult to find love
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I have a physical issue, but it’s my shyness that is a bigger problem

I am a thin 24-year-old guy who is struggling with insecurity and physical disability. A guy who had never had the privilege of dating a girl. Yes, it’s a privilege. Let me tell you what happens when a guy like me falls in love.

Disabilities have ailed me ever since I was a kid, still in my nappies. Almost 50% of my right leg is paralysed. Not only did it curtail my physical movement, but also brought sympathy, helplessness, and agony. As a disabled guy, I had a lot of negative chatter surrounding me. The people I met said I couldn’t do anything in life. It was my mother who kept me going. She believed in me and in my abilities. It was she who kept on reiterating to me that it is not physical disability but ‘self-doubt’ that is the biggest disability. It reinforced my belief that if you have a few loving and caring people beside you, it helps you foster a positive outlook towards things and situations.

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  1. Actually it is difficult to be introvert. I just cannot find anyone and the reason is that I am introvert.
    I find my match and I know that he likes me but the same problem we all have.

  2. I understand about being an introvert so well. Even I find it difficult to express what is in my heart and people think I am snobbish. This piece gave me a lot to think about. If Bonobology does a piece on intorverts and how we can deal with this, it would be very welcome.

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