Break-up & Loss

When cancer exposed the chinks in her marriage

Was Ankur, her husband avoiding her or was it just her imagination? Anjali More shares her story.
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When you commit to a marriage and say, ‘I do,’ you are expected to do it in sickness and health. At least, that’s what I believed in.

But my tryst with that dreaded C-word, cancer, brought home some bitter truths: that my marriage was based on a shallow foundation. Perhaps, I have always viewed life with rose-tinted glasses (a virtue, I am told) and so, I had tenaciously clung on to what I felt were the happy moments in my marriage.

But let me start from the beginning.

My husband Ankur and I, were settled in the US for the last 10 years and blessed with two children. With (what seemed like) a steady life, good careers, a house in downtown Seattle, and loads of friends, you could say the American dream was almost achieved.

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  1. This is quite disheartening. The whole point of having a spouse is so that they can be by your side when you need them the most. Ideally they should be your support system when your in such a vulnerable state in life. This is why knowing your partner before you exchange these wows with them is what’s most important.

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