When freedom and love makes a marriage

Some love stories leave you feeling warm and fuzzy in the heart. This is one of them. Daksha and Vijay share with our viewers their love story which started from an ‘arranged marriage’ setting.



Ever wondered how love in an arranged marriage happens? Or how that feels? In this fight of love marriage Vs arranged marriage, is love different in both scenarios?

Well, in any kind of marriage what is absolutely important is the freedom, space, and respect for each other. Every individual needs room to grow and if your partner hampers that, love gets stifled. 

This is the story of an arranged marriage of Daksha Mehta and Vijay Mehta

Both are yoga enthusiasts!

Both met each other in a very traditional arranged marriage and very quickly liked each other. Maybe it’s true what people say when you know you know. That was what happened with these love birds, apparently.

Interdependence in an arranged marriage

Vijay, who was never too connected or close to his family while growing up, grew to be so close and dependent on his wife. On the other hand, for Daksha, her husband means the world to her. In her words, he’s so sweet and caring that she never even once missed her parents.

While both are born and brought up in Gujarat, they now live in Mumbai where Vijay is pursuing his passion of acting. When most people ridiculed him and his dream, Daksha stood by him like a rock. What a great sign of a healthy, happy relationship. 

They give each other wings

She never demanded much from Vijay and Vijay never tried to clip Daksha’s wings. There has always been a good amount of freedom to be the person they both wished to be without undue pressure or force from either side. 

Unlike the filmy love stories, their love story is oh-so-real. They have love, they have loyalty, they have respect and most of all and they have confidence in each other. They are each other’s person, truly.

To watch this adorable story, watch the video now!

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