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When Love Knocked On Their Hearts

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He is moving his brush across the cheeks of the mask with the expression of joy when he feels a gentle tap on his shoulder, very gentle, a caress so soft, softer than that of a feather that has touched his soul as he turns around to see Nita who stands there like an angel bringing him a long needed respite from the drudgery of the world to emancipate him from his loneliness, setting him and his heart free, bringing a new meaning to his life making it seem worthy of living and abundantly joyous.

He stands mesmerized in admiration of the beautiful lady who looks like God’s own painting and her soft touch has a divine charm to persuade his heartstrings to feel an emotion that he has never experienced before, plucking them into a soft tune that makes him freeze in the moment as the world around him has come to a standstill to hold time at this glorious enchanting moment.

Nita looks at him in amazement as she has never noticed his handsome face before, a face that is a painting so captivating that she cannot take her eyes off him, his dark brown eyes give his face a definition and he is lost in her beauty that is so charismatic that it sways his heart and mind away into a far off land of a dreamy delusion where he cannot see anything apart from her pretty face and hear nothing apart from her melodious voice and they both wish for this dream to be everlasting.

Nita finds it impossible to take her eyes off him and move them to the canvas but she tries her best to do so and that brings Aman out of his meditation too and they try to look away from each other but their eyes refuse to obey their minds and their hearts bring them back to adore each other as there is a silent communication of their eyes that takes them to their souls that talk without any words being spoken or heard.

Nita again tries to look away and moves to the canvas reluctantly and breaks the silence that has kept their souls in unison. “Hi, ……., aa,…….ah,……this canvas looks so beautiful Aman…., very beautiful,” Nita remarks as she looks at the second canvas but her eyes are trying to steal a look of Aman from their corner as her eyelashes try to remain arched to let them see him to her heart’s content as her eyes know they are in love but her mind and heart are yet to learn and perceive this supreme feeling that is magnificent and divine.

Aman fidgets as he is brought back abruptly from his beautiful dream and looks around and sees Nita staring at his second canvas wonderstruck while his mind is reliving the gentle tap that has redefined his world with a deluge of emotions that he is unable to judge or comprehend. “Oh,…..,ya,…..this one, this is my rough canvas, I,…..use this for practicing my brush strokes and finalizing the shades,” Aman tells Nita with a smile.

Nita looks askance at him and then at the painting and takes a deep breath before she comments on the painting though her heart and mind are lost in interpreting the look on Aman’s face that appeared from the tap on his shoulder while Aman is trying to decipher his feelings that are strange and new and his reactions to Nita’s tap on his shoulder that brought life into his meaningless world.

“Your rough work is so mesmerizing, I just cannot believe that this is just a rough sketch, it is a masterpiece in itself. I wonder what your real masterpiece would be like, I just can’t wait to see it Aman,” Nita says in her excitement and in her nervousness as she tries to cope with her new found feelings that she has no control over and neither can she surmise.

Aman shows her the mask painting with great pride in anticipation of getting wonderful comments for it. Nita is wonder struck and her eyes move through each point of the painting as she admires Aman’s work though her mind is in a confused state. “Your painting speaks through its colours and leaves me in a trance as I feel so dreamy adoring each dot of your creativity. It is so divine, each mask has a story to narrate, I just love it Aman,” Nita looks at Aman with awe and admiration at the superiority of his creativity which has a magical spark that makes him stand much above the rest.

Aman swells up with pride and joy as Nita’s words make him feel like a big achiever. “Thanks Nita, you make me feel so complete. Your appreciation matters a lot to me and your words are like a downpour in a parched desert. I have been struggling to make something that would win adulation from viewers and your words are the biggest award that I can ever win,” Aman says to Nita with a beautiful smile that brings stars in his dark brown eyes and makes her heart flutter with a new feeling that Nita has never felt before, a feeling so precious that it makes her feel complete, a wonderful emotion that has her totally entwined in its beautiful grip and control.

Nita cannot take her eyes off Aman as he gets busy with his painting. Nita realizes that she is in love with Aman, love…, a feeling so gentle and yet so strong, the sense of merging of two souls into one that makes her eyes look dreamy and mystical. She cannot help but smile all through the day.

Love has struck and brought Nita all the joy in the world, a feeling of gratification that makes her thank God for making her fall in love, a beautiful gift that is bestowed only on the blessed ones, a blessing that is supreme, a song that is complete, a painting drawn by God Himself.

Love has brought a constant smile on Nita’s face that spreads to her eyes which are twinkling with the dreams of Aman as her world is drenched with love that keeps her happy and lost in her dreamland where there is the highest contentment of having a feeling growing within you that makes you feel so complete, a waterfall that floods her world with jubilation and leaves her detached from the worries of the world.

She has found strength and courage in love that has enhanced her confidence to confront anything in the world with ease, a feeling that lends power to her as nothing else matters to her in the world now.

Excerpt from my novel “Out of Their Shadows”, first published by Partridge India on 22nd July 2014.

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