Affair and Cheating

When my friend was in a relationship with a married man

He thought she was a lesbian, she thought he was gay. They kept flirting with each other, until one day the inevitable happened. But he was married

(As told to Stotropama Mukherjee)

He was a client and we just clicked

I’ve been a lifelong freelancer. Change is the only permanence, right? But the only problem with being a freelancer is financial instability. I was running out of my savings fast and I was in desperate need of money. One of Indra’s girlfriends put me in touch with Sayak. He had an assignment I liked and I had the skill set he required: we just clicked.

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His wife is pregnant, yet he wants to continue his affair with me

I flirted with a colleague until my wife’s call brought me back to my senses

Couples who work together will relate to these five things

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  1. It might seem paradoxical on the surface. But then I feel I understand what she felt. Being polyamorus and being deceptive are not correlated as we might feel. And, well. I am a sapiosexual. So, I know how attraction grounds for us. It’s so natural to feel drawn to someone who you can see as a friend of your mind. So , it’s okay. You need not feel guilty about that. And being part of an extramarital affair- you need not carry that guilt too. Because, you did make a choice to step out of it listening to what your heart said.

  2. I am so surprised to see Titir was this gullible and naive after being in a open relationship and have multiple boy friends for multiple needs. If your partner wants to keep your relationship in secret then believe me there is a cheating involved. Whatever excuses we make up in our mind to convince our conscience the ground reality is that the partner is a manipulative person who cheats on choice.

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