Affair and Cheating

When my wife found out I spent the night with another woman

Couple at Reception

No, this is not about a Presidential fight. It’s not comical or satirical either. The stuff below is pretty serious, as serious as Vetaal riding on king Vikram, telling different stories every single day with the concluding nightmare unchanged. I wonder how the mythical King Vikram would have behaved if he had a wife reminding him constantly about this ghost of the past. Come on, he was bearing the burden! He should know it himself.

What hurts in my story is that I got banished from the Garden without a single bite into the sinful apple. Yes, I met a woman without my wife’s knowledge. Yes, I spent a night with that woman, in the same room and yes, I made the mistake of sending my talkative, trusted office driver to drop the lady at the airport. And, no, to disappoint you, spending a night in the same room with a lady does not always translate to a night of physical indulgence, though, I must admit, my intention was such. The lady was not sure and I, despite however I might come across, have always been a gentleman.

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