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When women tried sex toys

Toys for pleasure is a growing phenomenon and sex toys are enjoyed and owned by many, right under their pillow or stashed under the mattress.
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The rising popularity of sex toys

Unlike popular opinion, women don’t always need a man to pleasure them, not with the range of sex toys around these days. A bobbing, neon dildo, anyone?

But like all tales of passion, there are few that make you convulse with shocks of pleasure and others that could make you cringe. Women who have tried sex toys share their stories of pleasure and horror.

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Fiery tales of passion

“I tried a lavender coloured dildo. It was all a haze. It is a like a penis, only smoother. My girlfriend and I bought it from a shop selling discounted sex toys when in Amsterdam. Later, we went back to our room, opened a bottle of wine and a heated discussion about Bidart led us to use it. It was the first time for me; we generally resort to using our fingers. My girlfriend liked it a lot. It was mostly me doing her. We kept it as a souvenir.”

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