Real love story: When you want to grow old together

Sanika and Anup share their wonderful story of how they went from being neighbours to friends and then falling in love.

This is a tale of two neighbours and they are about to set some real couple goals or relationships goals for you.

How this real love story took off

Sanika and Anup lived in the same colony for quite a long time and then moved into the same apartment building. While Sanika had a lot of friends, Anoop was the shy, quiet kind. So it came to her as a surprise when one day, he offered to share his valuable study notes with her. Senior to her, he was willing to guide her through her 12th standard boards. She was seemingly surprised by his initiative.

They can give you couple goals

That’s how they began talking and became good friends over time. Since there was no WhatsApp, they used to communicate over SMS which was also costly. So they would wait all day and text in the night when SMS was free of charge. Usually, they had a casual conversation but it was only limited to calls and texts. Face-to-face they were kind of awkward. Sounds adorable, to be honest!

It just happened

It was when their parents detected that the two were conversing daily, they also realized they had feelings for each other. There had been no official asking out but they knew they were dating. Well, what a real love story. At least there are no unrealistic Bollywood scenarios unravelling here.

Anup was never big on celebrations, what with the kind of shy and quiet guy he was, but he sure did surprise Sanika when he proposed to her at 2 in the night. On his knees, with a bouquet of red roses, outside her door, he popped the big question.

The two are a happily married couple now. Very different in personality evidently, but their love binds them together. Watch the video to know more about this real love story.


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