Who controls your life? You or your gadgets?

gadgets control life

According to a recent report published on an American tech site, “your laptop, smartphone or tablet might be controlling more aspects of your life than you can imagine.”

The report quotes John O’Neill, director of addictions services for the Menninger Clinic in Houston, who says that “some people are as addicted to personal electronics as junkies are to drugs.” O’Neill believes some individuals neglect relationships with other people because of over-focusing on gadgets.

Paying attention to what’s going on in your life is key. For instance, is your to-do list growing longer and longer? If so, you are failing to accomplish your tasks each day.

Focusing too much on your phone and other gadgets uses the time you can never get back. It can affect your health, as well.

Rudeness toward other people caused by interacting with gadgets is very real. Your significant other, children and business associates can feel slighted by your need to look away at a screen.

Points to ponder?

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