Dream catcher

I know not why I get lazy,

As thoughts about you always drives me crazy,

I do try to drive myself away

Penalising me to the endless bay.

The craziness increases with the passing time,

Nevertheless I know you will never stop to pay your fine,

Though so far apart are we, but why can’t the eagerness prolong,

I hope that it might be a long dream, and will soon be awakened by a big gong.

Promise me those days of glee,

Awaiting for you in endless plea,

The road to you seems obliviated, but will the quest ever end,

I am happy to be with you in dreams, but don’t know why you never send..

The messages from you makes me quench my thirst,

But you just seem to get disturbed always ready to burst,

Why can’t you allow me to be happy with you in my dreams?

Do you think ,there too I have someone hidden in my wings??……


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