Why did he disappear?

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Q: Recently I met a man online. We used to chat a lot, but now he doesn’t come online any more. I just wanted to know why people do such things and play with others’ emotions. I’m really in deep pain.

A: Well, ‘why’ people do such things is an impossible question to answer. You have all kinds of people in this world who have different motivations for doing the things they do. The more important question you should be asking yourself is “What should I do now that it didn’t work out?” You cannot account for or change other people’s actions and behaviour, but you always have perfect control on your own responses and how you deal with him leaving suddenly will make you a stronger person. I know it hurts right now and you will miss him for some time, because you must have become used to him. But remember, it’s just a habit of talking to him and habits are learned behaviour that can always be unlearned. It feels horrible right now but it will get better with every passing day. Pick up your self-respect and next time be careful when you strike an online friendship, because it’s always very easy to break. Hang in there!  

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