Why does he check me out if he says he is not interested?

I feel a connection, but he says he is not ready for any relationship
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Dear Mallika Ma’am,

I like this guy at the office and he also knows that I like him (through my colleagues), who asked him to go out with me. But he has never asked me about it and told them that he had already had too much pain from his previous love and he cannot take the plunge again.

Normally if a guy comes to know that a girl is interested in him and he doesn’t have the intention, he tends to avoid her. But he has started talking to me much more after this incident. I’ve never been in a relationship and never had guy friends. So sometimes I think that it’s all in my head. But I feel a connection when we both are together and I’ve seen him checking me out most of the times. A colleague told me that if I ask him out he’ll lose interest in me.

I confessed to him and it seems like he has just had a breakup, just three weeks ago. He said that his heart is cold now and he has nothing to give. He doesn’t want to give me false hopes it seems. Do I stand any chance?Relationship counselling

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Mallika Pathak says:

Dear Do-I-stand-a-chance,

First of all, this guy has made his intentions pretty clear by specifying

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