Spouse Versus Pet: The Clear Winner is…

Spouse Versus Pet

A dog is called a man’s best friend not without a reason. And sometimes a dog can make you feel more special than a human being can. This is a witty take on how the pet has the capacity and necessity to make you feel loved and is more generous in showering affection on a human being than a partner is.

You Feel More Special With Your Dog Than With Your Partner

Your dog has a way of making you feel special regardless of the hour of the day and the situation you are in. They just know how to seize the moment and make the most of it. Here’s how I feel and I am sure if you have a pet at home, you feel the same.

1. The hugs and kisses

When I wake up I will say *good morning * to my dog and he will roll over for hugs and kisses. My partner rolls over and starts snoring, again!

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Saying good morning to the pet dog
Saying good morning to the pet dog

2. The emotional goodbye

Whenever I leave the home he sees me with those eyes which says, ‘You are leaving me…’. My partner gives me a to-do list even if I am stepping out to collect the newspaper!

3. Every meeting is a celebration

When you leave the home and remember you forgot your mobile and come back they celebrate as you have just come back from an expedition to the Himalayas.

My partner rolls her eyes and says, ‘I knew you couldn’t get everything in one go’!

4. Lose you very moment

You want to pee and you leave the room, the station themselves outside the bathroom door waiting for you to come back. I leave to use the bathroom and they say ‘remember to leave the toilet seat down!’

Dog waiting for its owner
Dog waiting for its owner

5. The leash means happiness

When I fetch the leash to take him for a walk, he goes crazy with excitement. I feel akin to God then, bringing so much happiness to another living being. When I suggest that my partner and I step-out for an ice-cream he reacts as if I have asked him to scale Mount Everest right then!

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6. Pet says sorry

When the pet knows he has done something for which you are annoyed, he will look down or hide in some corner, he feels terrible for doing something that has upset his master. When my partner does something he knows I will be annoyed about, he scoots off not to be seen until my anger wears off!

7. Just an extra treat

Just an extra treat
Just an extra treat

When I want to make my dog happy I give him an extra treat and he follows me happy and satisfied for the next hour. If I have to make my partner happy I have to plan elaborate surprises that not only break the bank but also my will to live!

8. I am the star

For my dog, I am like a Michelin star chef when all I do is rip open a bag of dog food and pour it into his bowl. With my partner I make him an elaborate French 4 course meal and yet he talks about his maa ke haath ka khana!

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9. My enemy, his enemy

My enemy, his enemy
My enemy, his enemy

When someone wrongs me they become my dog’s sworn eternal enemy and there are no lines he will not cross to avenge me. When someone cuts a line and I see red my partner insists it’s too small a matter to get angry on!

Gosh! I love my dog to bits. He just knows me in and out.

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  1. One more important point is , in this age there are many spouses who cheat at back of their partners and act drama of love and caring at home. Eventhough a pet never vowed anything remains faithful to its last breath and also never act drama unlike cheaters. May be it is time that we have pets at home rather than having a cheater at home …….

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