Struggles and Scars

Why everyone should take inspiration from this survivor and never lose hope

He stood up for right and was acid attacked for his efforts. However, he didn't let the disfigurement affect his attitude to life
man outdoors, arms wide open

(As told to Shahnaaz Khan)

When the other guy was behaving badly

It was six years ago this month that my life changed forever. I was a regular 28-29 year old, living in Noida. My father being out of station, I was taking care of his shop and godown, while pursuing my MBA. The godown’s owner had a son, who that day decided to sit outside my shop and eve-tease. He would stare at the women passing by, and sometimes even pass lewd comments. I objected to his behaviour and told him to stop. He replied by reminding me that I was on his property and threatened to throw us out. Seeing this behaviour, I decided to speak to his father. The old man apologised fervently and told me that his son would not bother me any more.

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Horrific attack

However, the man followed me all day the next day and looked very suspicious. But I decided to wait for my father to return before taking the matter any further. On the third day, I was on my father’s scooter returning home after closing the shop. I saw him walking towards me with an umbrella and a bucket. The next moment he threw the contents of the bucket at me. I lost balance and fell. It took me a moment to realise that it was not water – it was acid.

It took me a moment to realise that it was not water – it was acid.

My eyes, face, head, ears, all started to burn. My brother who had come to get me home started to scream and ask passers-by for help. This man then also threatened my brother saying he had another bucket and he would douse him too.

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  1. Inspiring one!!!
    One needs to be really patient so as to emerge again as they were, it needs a lot of courage as well and the most important is support from the family and friends and the guy was lucky enough to get a loving and caring family.

    Survivorship means you are alive to gain a better perspective on what life is really about – loving and being loved, giving and sharing. What say?

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