Love and Friendship

Why I love my girlfriends!

Groups of women only friends in virtual as well as real life provide an invaluable source of comfort, courage and the occasional attack of conscience
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My gang of girlfriends who give me a venting place

“Guys! My petrol tank went dry and Spiderman spouse came to the rescue with a Mirinda bottle full of petrol. What is a cold drink bottle doing in my house though? Who bought that on the sly?” Thus, I declared on my WhatsApp group of woman friends, mentally preening.

“Didn’t you just crib a few days ago that the men in your life, particularly the spouse, doesn’t care for you? Eat dung now.”

The phrase did not really alarm me because back in those days ‘eat dung’ was yet to become a real thing.

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  1. I saw a video today which said that somehow when men come in the picture the word compromise comes up. I have never really used that word with my female friends. And then the video said, ‘a relationship shd have to be earned. No compromise there’. Loved it. Nice piece…read many of your other pieces too

  2. Couldn’t have been better! I mean, girlfriends are the best things ever. A girl can face anything if she has her girls to hold on to. You know being a woman I know this, the strength, love , understanding and compassion one draws from her women is simply in parallel. I stand as a strong woman because I have my girls who are my bed rock!

  3. True!!!

    I miss my girlfriends!

    Apart from family and that special someone, every girl needs her girl gang to survive the ups and downs that life has to offer. They are our shopping partners and our agony aunts and make even the mundane, boring things fun. Needless to say, they hold a very important place in every girl’s life!

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