Why I think verbal flirting is only half as good as physical flirting

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The room was filled with raucous laughter, music and the smell of alcohol. It was a party ushering in the city-style diva’s 50th birthday, though someone cattily remarked she is at least 55!

The women were sitting together wearing long gowns with corsets but the bulge is such an enemy it pops in from either below the stomach or above the stomach. But these are some of the side effects of corsets which is such a necessary evil. And now most women don’t care about these minor mishaps. A friend of mine had put so much blush on her cleavage that it was pinker than her cheeks. The makeup on most women was loud; subtlety was an enemy here.

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Mingling not just for singles

Slowly some men gravitated towards women and the opposite sexes started mingling. I distinctly heard a man telling a woman how attractive she looked and how she was every man’s fantasy. The woman saw me she just shrugged her shoulders and said airily, “O gosh, these drunk men,” but I could see how happy she was, and was flashing her dimples though trying to look indifferent. A couple not married to each other was playing footsie. The woman would giggle and withdraw her foot, but he would find her feet and again play footsie with her. It’s a party, I thought, where someone will surely sext someone of the opposite sex whom he is not married to.

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I started talking to a friend of mine. She was playing with her hair and batting her mascaraed eyelashes and talking about how ten years ago someone had made a pass at her and that someone was a forgotten politician. And how she had spurned him so badly that he never approached her again.

“But he could not,” I laughed, “Remember, he was jailed.”

“What about now, who will make a pass at her with her ageing face?” someone muttered in my ear. I turned and saw my catty friend giving me a wink. We both laughed and I bumped into a drunk old man near the bar who thought he was still a stud and he asked me, “What kind of cheese do you like?”

“Cheese?” I giggled, “Why cheese?” I was already a wee bit high.

“Because,” he laughed, “Who moved my cheese?” and laughed at his own joke. Disgusted I moved ahead.

This man I keep seeing

I saw from the corner of my eye my husband was busy with a group of men and I knew they would be discussing the most boring things like money, land, shares and politics. I moved away from friends, foes, frenemies and ventured out in the balcony and lit a cigarette and looked at the stars and felt immense peace descend upon me. This man whom I meet mostly at parties came to the balcony. I have always found him attractive but have never really spoken to him beyond a few words.

“Snuff the cigarette,” he said.

A little is taken aback, I snuffed the cigarette.

“Now tell me the truth. Have you just plumped up your lips or do they normally look so inviting?”


I stared at him and then his lips were on me for more than a fleeting second and he muttered, “I have been wanting to do this for a long time.”

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I was in a daze, wondering if anyone saw us. He had gone away and I was left alone. I checked my face in my phone. I looked the same, though my lips looked fuller and I looked prettier. Who says only verbal flirting is good?


The story of these two amazing flirts who met in a pub will make you go “awww”


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  1. Kritagya Daarshanik

    Ah! The furtive romance, the heightened pleasure of a stolen kiss!

    A beautiful narration of a story lived in a moment. Thanks for sharing Christina!

    Kritagya Daarshanik (Haywire Chronology)

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