Sex and Passion

Why spice is nice in the bedroom too

Sex life can be like eating; when the menu doesn’t change, it can get boring
Spices on Wood Table

The conversation goes like this.

“What is the big deal? Why can’t she deal with it?”

Says a 42-year-old married client of mine.

“Can’t deal with what?” I try to elicit details.

“Look doc, when we go and eat out, no one says we are being unfaithful to our kitchen.”

“Am I a kitchen?” The wife shouts.

“He’s just drawing parallels, he may not be right, but let him complete his part of the story.” I pacify the wife, returning to the husband.

“It’s not like I do it daily. Even that is allowed in certain situations when the kitchen is not available.” The parallel is obvious now.

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  1. Wow, loved the piece!!!

    Well written!

    We need to prioritize sex as much as any part of the relationship and work to bring back the variety and surprise. Try to maintain that spark in your relationship always!

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